EPIC Ireland - ISO Design (2016)

Team Size:  20 +

Role: Junior Designer / Developer, Quality Assurance

Programs: Unity, Maya, Office Suite, Perforce

Epic Ireland is an interactive visitor experience celebrating the global journeys and influence of the Irish people   I assisted in the development and 3D design on over a dozen unique interactives within the experience.  Later in the project I also provided quality assurance and onsite technical support.

Exhibition Website  

National Museum of scotland: Explore & Innovation Exhibits - ISO Design (2016)

Team Size:  15 +

Role: Junior Designer / Developer, Quality Assurance

Programs: Unity, Node Canvas, Office Suite, Perforce

Following a major redevelopment, the National Museum of Scotland opened 10 new galleries featuring a variety of experiences, interactives and films. I was involved in the development of five games and interactives across the Arts & Design and Science & Technology exhibits.  Throughout the project I assisted in a variety of areas including visual scripting, quality assurance, game balancing and UI implementation.   

antecedent - 48 Hour Global Game Jam (2016)

Team Size:  4 

Role: Game Designer, Mission Scripter, Level Designer

Programs: Unreal Engine 4, Maya

Antecedent is a surreal first person detective game where the player takes the role of an eccentric detective as he examines a recent murder scene.  The environment is scattered with strange symbols which the player must piece together. The symbols can then be entered into a separate mobile companion app “lockbox” to uncover clues to the killer’s identity.  The game was created during the 2016 Global Game Jam where “Ritual” was theme.   I scripted the interactions in the 3D environment and was heavily involved in all aspects of design.

Download Page

Honours Project - Last Solus (2015)

Team Size: 1 (solo project)

Role: Game Designer, Environment Artist, Mission Scripter, Level Designer

Programs: Unreal Engine 4, Maya, Photoshop,  Office Suite

Last Solus is a psychological horror game that takes place in an abandoned ocean washed lighthouse.  I created the game as a part of my honours year research at Abertay which explored the creation of atmosphere in 3D environments.   I designed and scripted the game as well as creating all art assets.  It was for this project I received the Design in Action Award for Commercial Potential. 

For a detailed breakdown of Last Solus visit my Honours Dev Blog where I posted my weekly progress. 

Respire - 48 hour Global Game Jam (2015)

Team Size: 4 (Yong Kune Cho, Emma Houghton, Andrew Lindsay, Alexander Tarvet)

Role: Game Designer, Environment Artist

Programs: Photoshop, Maya, Office Suite

Respire is an experimental interactive experience where the player takes the role of a stranded astronaut, alone in space with depleting oxygen.  The intention of Respire was to make the user contemplate what they would do in a truly hopeless situation. The experience was created during the 2015 Global Game Jam where “What do we do now?” was the theme.  

Download Page

Team 17 Brief - Stunt Energise (2014)

Team Size: 13

Role: Environment Artist

Programs: Photoshop, Maya, Office Suite

Stunt Energize is an Android game created for Team 17 as a part of my "Professional Projects" group module . Team 17's brief asked us to reimagine one of their older IPs for a mobile market.  The game our team chose to reimagine was Stunt GP, a radio controlled car racing game from 2001.  I was one of three artists in the group and was in charge of the design and creation of track pieces, signs and props.

Interactive 3D Interpretation of The Green Mile (2014)

Team Size: 1 (solo project)

Role: Game Designer, Environment Artist, Level Designer

Programs: UDK 3, Maya, Photoshop,  Office Suite

As a part of my Spatial Constructs module I adapted The Green Mile Novel into a 3D interactive experience. This interpretation was created using Maya to create all models and UDK to script interactions. It was my personal goal to try and recreate the dark and unsettling atmosphere that Stephen King made such a great job conveying through text.