Deciding on a Honours Project

Anyone who talked to me over the summer would have probably had to endure my incoherent ramblings about what I was planning to do for my honors, and I probably told every person a different idea.  My initial intentions were to start my honors project over the summer and utilize my free time to get a good head start for 4th year, however that plan failed spectacularly.  The freedom of being able to work on any idea caused me to constantly jump between games concepts, abandoning ones whenever they got a bit tough.  These concepts varied from a dark-comedy psychiatrist simulator, to a cartoon twilight zone style detective game.  I eventually realized I wasn’t going to settle on any idea soon, so decided to instead just practice with Maya and the Unreal engine as I knew I would be using them no matter what.

With 4th year swiftly approaching  I tried to finally choose my game concept, or at least narrow it down.  I settled with the basic idea of creating a horror game set in a lighthouse.  I wasn’t quite sure what it was going to be about, but had a good idea of what the tone of it would be like.  Based on this tone I decided to try and make a teaser trailer, it is made up from clips of lighthouses and urban exploration videos that I found on Youtube.

All references can be found in the video description.

Even though I still didn’t have any have idea of what the story or gameplay was going to be,  I liked restricting the genre and location as I am a big believer of “limitations cultivate creativity”.  I tried to further develop the idea with some sketches and notes but wasn’t particularly happy with what I was coming up with.

Quick concept art to pitch my idea to the class.

With imagination fading and frustration rising, I decided to try something a bit different from my normal method of coming up with ideas.  One of my lecturers had suggested planning out concepts with sticky pads.  I was a bit skeptical of the idea at first but decided to give it a go since I consider myself quite a visual thinker.  It was surprisingly extremely helpful.  The only problem is I now have a wall that towers over me reminding me every waking second that my honors project is needing worked on… but I’m sure I’ll get used to that.

Honors project is always watching, always waiting

I’ll post a bit more about the actual game concept soon.  I just wanted to catch this blog up since it has been so long since my last post.