2nd Presentation + First Dev Video

On Friday I presented my  Dissertation and Honours Project progress to the class for the second time.  Due to nerves I didn't present particularly well but I was happy to be given the opportunity to show my work.  The slides from the presentation are below -

I then showed a quick video of how my game is looking in UE4

One of the main pieces of feedback i got was that I should try experimenting with players perceptions more. My lecturer suggested the idea of teleporting the player to different places if the lighthouse was starting to feel too cramped. For some reason I had never thought of this.  I think I was too focused on my idea of teleporting the whole lighthouse to different locations like the desert and the arctic, the idea of teleporting the player never really occurred to me.  This could definitely be an interesting way of keeping the environments fresh and exciting.  

After mentioning a lack of books about horror in video games, one of my classmates recommended "Silent Hill: The Terror Engine" which I've had a quick look at and seems perfect for my research.

My lecturer also suggested to research Mise-en-scene in horror (a term I had somehow never ran into during my research),  watch American Movie and play Sailor's Dream. I plan to look at all these things over the next week.