Modelling Props - Christmas Special

After spending the last several weeks writing essays back to back I had completely forgotten how enjoyable I find modelling.  As I had a spare couple of hours I decided to work on a bigger prop.  Despite their simple geometry I always find desks quite hard to texture.  I think since they are often so plain it's hard to make them look right. I wanted to keep the furniture in the lighthouse quite bare and old looking, yet I still wanted it to be visually interesting and I think i have achieved that. I was concerned that the blood stains, scratches and coffee mug stains might be a bit much but overall it seems to work.  The biggest issue with the model is probably the less that great base wood texture, the gain of the wood is far too big and looks blurry.  The handles also don't look particularly look like real metal, but this might be able to be improved by modifying the specular maps.  There are also several issues with the texture seams around the corners of the table, which thankfully don't look too bad from a distance.  It should be noted that due to the nature of Last Solus, much of the game will be in the dark so a lot of these minor problems shouldn't really be noticed.