Small Stuff: Term 2 Week 11

Back again for the weekly update!  Things are going reasonably well, there's a lot to do but I feel like I'm on top of it for the most part.  I've got the next 2 weeks off uni so I'll be visiting my parents which is always great as it means I focus solely on my uni work for a bit.  Anyway, here's a rundown of what I've been working on this week.

Honours Project - Last Solus

A couple of weeks ago my supervisor suggested that I temporarily switched focus from my honours project to my dissertation.  I followed that advice for the most part so there hasn't been a great deal of progress with Last Solus but I've managed to add a few things.  I finally created proper wall collision which took a bit longer than I expected due to all the curves but it's working petty well.  I was originally using blocking volumes but I was having some issues with door areas so instead decided to go with BSP brushes with a transparent material.  Below you can see what the collision looked like before the see-through texture was added.

Blocked out collision. 

Blocked out collision. 

I've made some minor model changes such as re-texturing the boards that where blocking off the bathroom and adding some Celtic wall decals.  Adding a Celtic theme was something I planned from the start and only just realized I had for the most part ignored.  After adding a few references I'm not 100% convinced it's the best way to go but I'm definitely going to give it a try as I feel adding religious / ceremonial elements to the game could add quite a sinister presence to the lighthouse.  It also fits in quite well with my dissertation research.

I've also added a dust particle and candle flame particle effects which can be seen in the images below.  When trying to create the candle flame I accidentally broke the lantern glass material but I'm hoping to fix that soon.

New boards, dust particles and Celtic wall decal.

New boards, dust particles and Celtic wall decal.

I may have mentioned this before but my dad is poet who mainly writes in Scots.  As I wanted to add an authentic Scottish vibe to my game and I really like enjoy reading work I asked him if he would be willing to write up a quick poem based around a possessed lighthouse, which I could then use as one of the notes scattered around my game.  I told him about my current narrative and what themes / feelings I wanted to generate and he came back with this, which I really love.  

A blood red moon... ma ship went doon, ower a restless swirling tide,
In deep despair, Ah cried a prayer, oan this earthly coil tae bide.
A hallowed wave, ma soul did save, tae this abandoned barren rock,
Whaur torrents howl and demons growl, in endless anguished mock.
And ghouls and ghaists, and sulphur tastes, hing heavy oan the wind,
Whaur blood stain fades oan rusted blades, fae those that brawled and sinned.
But nane remain, oan this mortal plane, this wringing watery grave,
Whaur piles o’ bones, an deid men’s groans, ma humble soul deprave.
May the guid Lord grace, ma ancient face, this lonely lighthouse keeper,
Who awaits his fate, at ifridd’s gate, the Deil or auld grim reaper!
— James F King

I really wanted to have the poem scratched into the wall to make it part of a bigger set piece but I just couldn't get it to look right so I had to move back to the paper note idea.  I've made the model and texture but I'm just not too sure where exactly I want to place it yet or how I'm going to have the player interact with it.  He's an image of the texture I made for it and what it currently looks like in the game.

It's a bit hard to read due to the font but I feel like it makes it look more authentic.

It's a bit hard to read due to the font but I feel like it makes it look more authentic.

Poem in game / candle flame  particle 

Poem in game / candle flame particle 


Dissertation wise I feel reasonably happy with where I am.  I've just finished my 1st draft which I sent off to my supervisor yesterday.  It only featured 1 case study as I felt like I was doing something wrong and didn't want to waste my time writing more if I would just have to redo them all again anyway.  It's getting to the point where my dissertation is being held back by the slow progress in my honours project, but I hope to sort that out over the Easter holidays.  I would post my first draft but I'm a bit embarrassed by its current state so shall leave it for the time being. 

Next Week's To Do List

  • Honours
    • More basement clutter
      • Cobwebs
      • Fill shelves
    • Start implementing scares e.g-
      • Hand moving behind door.
      • People at windows.
      • Doors slamming.
    • More audio.
    • Plan game progression.
  • Dissertation 
    • Alan Wake notes.