Catching up : Term 2 Week 10

So, it would seem like I'm not very good at this whole keeping a weekly blog thing!

I've been incredibly busy over the past month and like I've said before, when time starts to run out these blog posts are usually the first thing to go.  I naively thought I could balance honours with chilling and having a social life without any sort of schedule, but that has proven to be a massive mistake. Before week 6 I was on great role of productively but I messed up and as result my output over the past few weeks has been pretty poor.

It would take me hours to type up all the things I've been working on over the past few weeks, so I'm just going to post a video showcasing where about I am now and I'll hopefully start posting any updates next week.

The coming weeks are probably going to be even busier than the past month so there is a chance this blog will once again be forgotten, but I'm going try my best to remember as I genuinely miss writing up my progress as I find it to be quite a cathartic and useful experience.