Basic Blueprints: Term 2 Week 12

I feel like I've managed to make significant progress this week, especially on the Blueprints side of things.  I always had a basic understanding of Blueprints but this week I feel like it's all finally starting to click and tasks which I once found tough are becoming a breeze.    While things are going okay I'm becoming increasingly aware of how little time I have left until hand ins, but hopefully it will all work out.

Due to being so busy I've really had to rush out these posts so apologies for all the spelling and grammar errors

Honours Project - Last Solus

I started the week by attempting to script some interactions into the game.  This involved making the lantern a pickup-able object rather than something the player started off with.  I also added interactions such as having doors locked / blocked which only open when the player has performed certain actions.  You can see some of this in the video below.  I didn't include any of the door interactions as they are currently very long and boring to watch.  I'll post a video once they are a bit more polished.

As you can see I'm having some problems with the candle particle emitter taking a while to appear. I have no idea what is causing this but I hope to have it fixed by next week.

I've also started adding some creepy animations to the game.  These aren't really designed to scare the player but more to catch them off guard if they become bored or lose interest while exploring the area. They were designed to make the level feel more alive and dangerous without giving too much away to the player.  The first animation involves an arm lying on the floor, poking out from underneath a door frame.  If the player looks directly at it, it will start to slowly move away.  This was created for more of a practice exercise as I had never really animated anything in unreal 4 before.  

The second animation is a zombie like character model that stands outside the window and follows the player as they walk up the stairs.  At the moment it's more funny than scary but I hope with some tweaks to the model / blueprints it could be quite unnerving.

On Wednesday I finally implemented footsteps, something that I have been meaning to do for weeks.  I decided to go with a slightly more advanced option that changed the footsteps depending on what surface the player was walking on.  This took pretty much a full day to get working correctly, which in retrospect was probably not the best use of time but I'm still glad I did it.  There are 3 different footstep sounds, wood, concrete and metal, as can be seen in the video below.

This week I also started work on a menu system.  My initial vision of the menu was very minimalist and simplistic which luckily made the blueprints side of things fairly easy.  It visually needs to be completely redone but the scripting for it is in place and working, which was the area I was most concerned about.  

A large amount of my time this week was spent attempting to create a showreel and it took far longer than it really should have.  Creating and recording the footage didn't take any longer than a couple of hours but attempting to render the dark scenes into a format that didn't look terrible was a massive struggle. 


I got feedback on my dissertation draft this week which was incredibly helpful.  I've only just read through it and haven't had much of a chance to act on it yet but I agree with all the feedback and comments given.  I seem to be on the right track for the most which is encouraging and hopefully by next week I will have the 2nd version of my dissertation completed, or at least started.

To Do List

  • Honours
    • Polish / finsihed progression Scripting
    • Add more scares
    • Add more objects to enviroment
    • Have game in shippable state (unlikely)
  • Dissertation
    • Edit draft based on feedback
    • Start Alan wake case study